About us

SHENZHEN JINYONGFA TECHNOLOGY is a professional manufacture of vibration speaker (vibro speaker) in China.

This is a patented technology. The vibration speaker works entirely differently from a conventional speaker system. The vibration speaker use a vibrating core to turn any flat surface, which the speaker stands on, into a home speaker. You no longer need a conventional speaker system.

The whole of the surface amplifies your sound. On a computer desk you feel the buzz of excitement as your sounds vibrate on your work surface, and your whole work surface becomes your speaker! Place the vibro speaker on a desk or a kitchen worktop and the whole surface will produce rich sound, you can open the drawers to gain additional sound! Place the speaker on a wooden floor and your whole room will spread with sound. On a door or a wall you will have rich sound on both sides! Revolutionary technology creates a rich sound enhanced by gentle vibrations ?you can actually hear and feel the music!

The vibration speaker is simple to operate and has a wide range of applications:

  1. Ideal as an iPod player or docking station
  2. Feel real vibrations for computer gaming
  3. The perfect replacement for bulky computer or stereo speakers
  4. A handy accessory for conferences, conference calls and training environments
  5. Lend ambience to a restaurant, store, lobby or foyer

The vibro speaker range of audio speakers

  1. are portable-take your vibro speaker with you anywhere that you need great sound quality.
  2. are compact and take up barely any space.
  3. take seconds to set up-just plug and play.
  4. come in stylish contemporary designs that will lend elegance to your home audio system.

This patented technology is accelerating rapidly allowing new applications to be developed.The technology options include micro SD card reading speakers, rechargeable speakers!

OEM service is available to make your own marketing brand.